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Assistance in safety improvement of Tailings Management Facilities (TMFs) in Armenia and Georgia

The overall project goal is to increase the level of preparedness and to strengthen the capacities of national authorities and of operators in Armenia and Georgia, to improve the safety of TMF facilities as well as the management of disasters caused by industrial accidents. The long-term goals are to anchor the TMF methodology and THI classification throughout the UNECE region to provide its adaptation and further sustainable use also in other UNECE countries with high risk TMF.

For the competent authorities in Armenia and Georgia as well as for TMF operators training activities for raising TMF safety levels will be provided and guided by international experts using the respective Checklist-methodology. Taking into account potential TMF failures also the transboundary contingency planning will be analysed at the Debet River catchment.

Implementing Organization:

Eco Peace NGO (Armenia)

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